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Is Back Pain Troubling You?

... and making your life more difficult? Back pain has many causes and expressions eg muscle tension, sciatica, muscle spasms, joint problems and poor posture. Whatever the cause of your back pain, our back pain clinic Stoke on Trent, will have a specific program for you.
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Free Consultation

We allow up to one hour to get to know your case, past and present and explain how we can help

A Unique Approach

With back pain there is no one size fits all. Our treatment programs are highly individual

Pain Management

... starts with the correct assessment. It really is key. We know what to look for. 

About Us

At the back pain clinic stoke on trent, we recognise the impacts that pain and dysfunction can have on one’s personal and professional life. We are committed as primary healthcare professionals to help our clients resume their lifelong pursuit of health and well-being.

About Pain

Pain can be mild, moderate or severe. The best time to address pain is when it's mild (most preferable) or moderate. Its best not to leave it until it potentially becomes severe. 

Ongoing Care

Once we have addressed your present needs we are happy to re-examine with a FREE muscular and structural assessment whenever you feel the need.

Alan Lee

I am a graduate of the Oxford School of Osteopathy and completed my training in 1993. But since then my education has hardly stopped! As Osteopaths we are required to commit to continual personal development ( CPD ) and after studying extensively with Leon Chaitow in adjunctive therapies for Osteopathy ( muscle energy techniques, near muscular technique and cranial osteopathy ), I moved on to Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology.

I guarantee a high level of care, treatment and advice and look forward to welcoming you into my practise.
Get The Treatment You Deserve

A Unique Approach To Back Pain

Osteopathic Technique

Osteopathic technique involves a broad base of methods to alleviate painful joints and muscles. From remedial massage to manipulation we adapt to suit your needs

Neuro Muscular Technique

Neuromuscular techniques focus in on pain hot spots often called trigger points. They stimulate healing and improved circulation and their simplicity is key

Muscle Energy Technique

Muscle energy techniques are a proven methodology for increasing the range and freedom of both muscle and joints. Their primary use is on key postural muscles.

Stretching / Yoga Therapy

For treatment and prevention, stretching and a personalised yoga routine tailored to your capabilities is a wonderful way to stay supple and pain free


After attending the NHS for five months and receiving physiotherapy and cortisone injections which made no difference at all, I attended Alan Lee's clinic for chronic back and neck pain. 

I could feel the difference after just one treatment and after a few more my hip pain had gone. The movement in my neck continued to improve with each session until I could move my neck and shoulders almost pain free.​

I now do the exercises Alan gave me daily and am now feeling almost back to normal.

Nurse Practitioner

After an injury at work resulted in severe upper back and shoulder pain, a colleague at work recommended Alan Lee to me after failed physiotherapy. The difference was unbelievable in as little as a few weeks. My posture was the best it had been in years, the pain and spasms I had been suffering were greatly reduced and my mobility was greatly enhanced.

During my treatment sessions I have learned that although you have pain in a specific place that is not always where the root of the problem lies. I give Alan my highest recommendation.


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